Earlier this month, I visited Vietnam for the first time in my life. It’s the most beautiful country I’ve been to; hopefully, the photos and videos below can convey at least a small part of this beauty.

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Hà Nội

Hà Nội—like many cities in Vietnam—is charmingly chaotic.
Everyone’s a millionaire in Vietnam.
My first meal in Vietnam. Trying to avoid gluten has been relatively easy—noodles are everywhere, but they’re typically made from rice.
I tried my luck too. Fortunately, my epic fail wasn’t captured on camera.
Had an amazing lunch at this small, family-run restaurant.
It rained for 20 minutes. This was the only rain I experienced in Vietnam.
Hỏa Lò Prison, AKA Hanoi Hilton.
John McCain.
The imprints of the French colonial era (St. Joseph’s Cathedral).
The people gathering here are the most powerful, influential, sexiest people in Hà Nội. I even got too excited at 0:21.
Egg coffee—a Vietnamese specialty.
Hà Nội Night Market.

Tràng An

Spending two days in Ninh Bình province has probably been my favorite part of the whole trip. The nature here is so different from anything else I’ve seen before.
Linda is an amazing tour guide. She organised my travels in Northern Vietnam, including Hà Nội, Ninh Bình, and Hạ Long Bay. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, Linda is the best person if you want to explore around Hà Nội; you can reach her on Facebook.
Entering a 1-km-long cave.
Inside the cave. Yes, there are bats.
And leaving…

Tuyet Tinh Coc

Tam Coc

Decided to go on an evening bike ride!
Rice fields.
We’d come back to this place in a rowboat the following day.
Hai, doggy!

Thung Nang

We went on a boat trip early in the morning to see the water lilies. Thung Nang is a lot less touristy than Tràng An—two hours spent here were incredibly peaceful.
A fisherman.
Probably my favourite video captured in Vietnam.

Hang Mua

Going up…
View from the top.
Apparently, going up and down the stairs in 34°C weather is hard.
One last meal with Linda and the driver.

Hạ Long Bay

Whenever I stay at the White Lotus, I always have a memorable time.

Hội An

Hội An Market.
Stall E034, which Anthony Bourdain once ate at.
Stall E047.
Not enough food so went on a food tour!
The making of a dumpling.
Back to Hội An Market; this time, Stall E027.
I also went back to E034 to try rice dumplings with 1) green beans and 2) prawns. This probably was my favourite meal in Vietnam.
Old propaganda posters are sold everywhere. Most are prints, but there are a few shops that sell the originals as well.
Hội An Memories Show.
An Bang Beach.
Lots of dangerous animals in Vietnam.

Tailored suit

Day 1

Hội An is known for its tailors. Mr. Xe is among the most popular. I decided to order a suit, two shirts, and a pair of shorts.

Day 2

The first version of the suit was ready in 30 hours!

Day 3

Final fixes.

Day 4