The Sopranos ∩ The Godfather ≠ ∅

One of the things I find strange about ‘The Sopranos’ is the large number of (often explicit) references to gangster movies. ‘Goodfellas’ is mentioned a few times, despite the fact that 27 actors from that movie star in ‘The Sopranos’. References to ‘The Godfather’ trilogy are even more abundant, so I figured it would not share any actors with the TV series. I was wrong—in a big way! For example, Dominic Chianese’s character Junior Soprano makes Chinese Godfather joke, even though Chianese himself played Johnny Ola in ‘The Godfather Part II’. This somewhat takes away from the magic of ‘The Sopranos’, unless the whole series was just Tony’s dream (which I hope it wasn’t!).