Great Scott, They Predicted... the '80s!

I’ve been rewatching Back to the Future trilogy (for the nth time) over the last few days. One thing that stood out to me this time was the Cafe 80’s from Part II. It was an attempt at depicting the 1980s as perceived by people from 2015 (remember, Part II was released in 1989).

I was surprised by how accurate that portrayal was. It was really the things many of us tend to think about when that period of time is mentioned nowadays: VHS cameras, Michael Jackson, the colors, arcade games.

I don’t think we’d be able to depict the 2010s that well. Sure, one could say that that’s a good thing i.e. ‘culture is not so monolithic anymore’. But I fear we’re just dull—can you think of a single thing from the last decade that you’re sure would be fondly remembered 30 years from now?